August 29, 2021

You’ve Got Glory In You!

You've Got Glory In You

Romans 8:18 NIV
Present Suffering and Future Glory
18 I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

1. Seasonal suffering has a powerful way of providing glimpses into the potency of eternal glory - glory matters more when you have suffered

2. Eternal glory carries a heavier weight than seasonal suffering, and because of this, it provides the believer energy to withstand suffering moments.

3. The GOD of revelation wants to manifest GOD’s presence not only in the circumstances that surround our lives, but ultimately in us - the glory we see now is only a foreshadow of the glory that is coming!


Publish Date:

July 14, 2023


According to the writer of Colossians, Christ is: The image of the invisible GOD, The Blueprint and Agent of Creation as the Begotten, The Center of Creation, The Person of Preeminence in all things, The Location of GOD’s full indwelling, and The Reconciler and Redeemer.

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As our Savior, Christ rescues us! As our Reconciler, Christ reconnects us!

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You can be elected even while exiled; GOD Chooses saints in Christ; Wholly humans live into being wholly holy and greater sanctification

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