October 31, 2021

I Will Trust in the Lord

I Will Trust in the Lord

Psalm 84:12, Amplified Bible

O Lord of hosts,
How blessed and greatly favored is the man who trusts in You [believing in You, relying on You, and committing himself to You with confident hope and expectation].

I will trust in the Lord, because like the Psalmist:

  1. I know Whom I worship and I know in Whom I have placed belief - I worship the Lord of Hosts and when you really know someone, it becomes easier to trust them.  
  2. I have learned that being blessed is far greater than simply seeking blessings - blessed is a state life and blessings follow blessed people.  Shallow spirituality focuses on seeking blessings, maturing faith focuses on living a blessed and contented life.  
  3. I have discovered that actively choosing to trust the LORD floods my life with grace, and favor.  It’s not that those who trust in the Lord don’t have adversity, but the adversity is subjected to our confidence in GOD!  Adversity ultimately takes a backseat to GOD’s goodness and Glory!    


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July 14, 2023


The House of the Lord is an essential fueling station; a place where those who love the LORD are able to provide a drink for someone else; a location of of elevation.

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There is no better place than the House of the Lord; The House of the Lord is not just a place, but it is an embodied way of thinking, behaving, and living; just being in the House and being in the Lord is all that matters; with a life of worship, I've placed a deposit on an eternal home, and I am already able to use the eternal equity.

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All of my good days really do outweigh my bad days; As a pilgrim journeying on purpose, the faith I have in GOD not only confirms arrival to my destination, but I am also the recipient of stored blessings along the way.

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