April 22, 2020

When Jesus Meets us in a Mess

When Jesus Meets us in a Mess

Luke 24: 15, KJV

15 And it came to pass, that, while they communed together and reasoned, Jesus himself drew near, and went with them.

Passage for Study: Luke 24: 13-32, The Message

Location: Emmaus

Personalities:  Cleopas (only mentioned in Luke’s Gospel), an unnamed Disciple and Jesus

Lesson Premise:  These two followers of Jesus were walking away from Jerusalem with their doubts, sense of confusion and overall disbelief of the initial Gospel message of Jesus’s resurrection.  In short, they were walking away from Christ.  However, Jesus met them on the journey and revealed Himself to them despite their inability to see Him.  As we live in the tension, of who we are and who we are becoming, GOD calls us to move forward from resurrection having the faith to believe that Jesus can meet us right where we are.  Often when Jesus meets us, Jesus meets us in a mess, with all of our questions, points of confusion and our inability to see the hand of GOD at work beyond our own crises of faith.  The good news is, even when we are in a mess, Jesus meets us with a resurrection revelation of who is that disrupts our mess with a brand new fire.  

How does Jesus meet these Disciples?

  1. Through the power of presence – Jesus walks with them and talks with them even as they walk outside of the limits of Jerusalem; Jesus’s love compels Him to appear to His Disciples even as they are attempting to move away from Him. (Cross reference, Mark 16: 12-13 and John 21: 3-4)
  1. Through the power of challenge – Jesus exposes the weak spots in their faith and properly applies understanding of Scripture to the work and witness of the Christ; Jesus exposes who He is to those who are in relationship with Him even when they are fearful, doubtful and stuck in their own way. (Cross reference, John 21: 24-29)  
  1. Through the power of breaking bread and feeding – Jesus breaks bread and feeds his Disciples, and when He feeds them, they know who He is. (Cross reference, John 21: 12-13)



The Resurrection of Jesus was and is a cosmos-altering moment. In Jesus’s rising from the grave, the grip of sin, hell and death upon humanity was/is destroyed for those who choose to embrace the resurrected truth of who Jesus is. Embracing the power of the resurrection is not momentary. It is not just about feeling good on Resurrection Sunday morning. Rather, it is about believing that the power of the Spirit’s life is always at work in the Church, the believer and the spaces we as believers occupy. Jesus is not only alive, but Jesus is the Life-Giver.

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