May 20, 2020

Thriving in a Strange Land - Flourishing Beyond Our Setbacks

"Thriving in a Strange Land - Flourishing Beyond Our Setbacks"

Exodus 2: 10-22, The Message

Flourishing Through Affliction - Exodus 1: 12
Flourishing at the Edge - Exodus 2: 3
Flourishing Beyond Setbacks - 2: 21

For any of us there are various identifiers that can serve as assets or liabilities for us depending on the setting or set of circumstances we find ourselves living though:

1. The family (s) we are born into or reared within

2. Our gender

3. Our health or predisposition toward health/development/mental/emotional challenges

4. Our racial/ethnic/cultural placement

5. Our privilege or lack thereof

None of the factors can be controlled.  And yet, they all inform much about who and what we are and how external circumstances affect us.  

As a result Moses must flee from Egypt.  And because of such Moses is now a:  

1. Murderer  

2. Fugitive  

3. But he is also a rescued wanderer - GOD sets Moses up with a new family - it is an unfamiliar place, but it like the home of Jochebed and Amram, the riverside of the Nile, the palace of Pharaoh, being with Reuel-Jethro the Priest of Midian is made fruitful for Moses.  Wherever Moses is planted he grows. Moses flourishes even in a strange and foreign place.  Moses flourishes beyond his setbacks.  


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July 14, 2023

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